About Us

PEF Welfare Trust is the Project of PEF Global (Pakistani Executive Forum). In which we help people to make their life better. The aim is that we will educate the children of under-privilege people because these people have great love for their country, and they can improve the living standard of other people.


We are an organization that believes in lighting up the lives of underprivileged people across the world. We endeavor to provide the best quality services in areas including food, education, medical and social welfare free of cost to people living in the dark. We educate lots of people each day, hundreds more are given the hope of life through medical health care, many are educated to become leaders of tomorrow and several are given the opportunity to stand on their feet financially.


We strongly believe that a little help goes a long way and our work would not be possible without the generous support of our valuable donors. Our local and international donors have graciously lent us a hand by supporting our causes and enabling us to serve the needs of people in need.