Schooling Cadidate

The Board of directors should pass a resolution about the students falling in this category.The age-group for primary schooling is 5 to 9 years (Class 1 to 5), called primary schooling in Pakistan.The age-group between 10 to 12years (Class 6 to 8) is Middle-class schooling. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education [BISE] classifies Class 9 & 10 in Matriculation.

College Students

The BISE (Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education) classifies the Higher Secondary School Education (HSSC) (Class 11 & 12). This is Classified as the college-level study.

University Students

The Following are the types of university degree programs being offered.Four years of education after Higher Secondary Education is considered as higher education.Two years for a bachelor’s degree and a further two years for a Master’s degree.BS honors is also equal to this degree. M. Phil and Ph.D. programs are further advancements after the completion of a master's degree.PEF welfare trust core team is responsible to draft the rule and regulations for the selection of students from all above categories having coordination with PEF educational wing.