Core Committee of The Trust

To effectively run any institute, a core committee is an essential component and hence it is in our case. JD of each core committee member is to be drafted to perform the duties and responsibilities in the best possible way.


The President is typically powered and directly responsible for oversight of the arrangements of the Trust to and to enforce the decisions taken by the core committee of the trust. The President is also responsible for presiding over the entire workforce and manage budgets to make sure resources are allocated properly.

Vice President

The Vice president (VP) is trust officer are responsible for administering and developing effective strategies for a business’s trust accounts, as well as facilitating and overseeing programs.The VP trust must develop efficient trust services in coordination with the president in best harmony.

General Sectary

The Trust Secretary is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the Trust’s decision making and reporting machinery, and for the formal administration of its affairs.

Finance Sectary

A financial secretary oversees policy concerning the cash flow of an organization. The officer sometimes determines policy concerning the purchase or sale of goods and services, collection of dues and employment.The Financial secretary receives, records, and deposits the funds received by the Trust through its direct members and PEF executives.The Treasurer of Trust is known to be the chief financial officer of the Trust.