To Meet Legal Aspects To Register The Trust

Trust are integral components of many people’s estate or long-term care plans. Pakistani Executive Forum president has a vision to help the needy but talented students and yet another purpose is to serve in health sector.

From a legal perspective, the Trust should inculcate at least 7 board members while PEF-WT shall always maintain the minimum quorum. Maximum is no limit.


Trustee, on the other hand, is a party or parties delegated as a holder of the designation, charged with the duty of administering the Trust at the appropriate time.

Trustee in our case is the director of the Trust who is supposed to serve the trust aims and objectives in the best of its capacity.

The Board of directors shall review the trust act to remain within the constitutional privileges granted to trust.

Directors To Submit Their Documents To Legal Consultant

It is mandatory for Directors to provide their documents to legal consultant as soon as possible while any additional director shall submit his/her documents to PEF legal consultant within one month after joining the trust directorship.

Exsisting Directors of Trust

The director of the welfare trust in fact holds an extremely important position in the administration and management of the Trust and has its key role in decision making.


Responsibilities of Welfare Trust Directors

  • Complying with the terms and conditions of the Trust. (To be agreed).
  • Serving actively to achieve the set.
  • Participating is scheduled.

Inculcating New DirectorsTo The Trust

Any PEF executive who fulfills the legal aspects and complies with the trust rules is eligible join the Trust as a director.

Join And Leave Policy Of The Trust

Trust core committee has a task to draft a paper to define the policies who can join the trust (as member or director) while also the policies how one can leave the trust, especially if he/she was empowered with a position, one must handover the job in appropriate manner before saying good-bye to the trust.