Operational Team of The Trust

PEF Welfare Trust core committee has a challenge to select the paid and unpaid employees of the trust and hence to maintain the quorum of this team to smoothly run the operational tasks.


Job description for each job position shall be defined, either for paid or volunteer employees.

Paid Employees

Provide a high-quality work to participate in achieving the objectives.


  • Complying with the terms and conditions of the Trust. (To be agreed).
  • Serving actively against the defined job description.
  • Having the courage to work as a team member under team.


Unpaid Employees

Volunteers need to be empathetic, great communicators, and comfortable working as part of a team towards shared goals and targets. There is no formal requirement to become a volunteer, but the following skills are critical:

- volunteers should work well as part of a team and value diversity, as they will often be working with people of all different backgrounds and ages.

- volunteers should have strong communication skills and be able to follow instructions clearly and efficiently.

– It is important that applicants for this position have an excellent

work ethic.